Shamanic Midwifery and Ecstatic Birth

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Episode 2, 31st January 2017 – Coach on Fire Radio

In this episode I interview Avalon Darnesh who is a Multidimensional Mother, Shamanic Birthkeeper and Feminine Visionary, inspiring soulful mothers to unlock their inner wisdom and reclaim their sexual power to ecstatically birth babies in the highest vibration of love, and birth new aspects of themselves

Here is the link to this episode:–episode-2


What on earth does that all mean?


Well if you’re curious….I suggest you tune in and have a listen to the recording.  We did have a bit of technical trouble at the beginning, however the interview does settle in beautifully.

It was fabulous talking with Avalon and we could have talked for hours. She is a very switched on young woman that is very much in touch with the mind, body and spirit connection and how that plays out through pregnancy and birth. We talk about intimacy and sex during pregnancy as well as afterwards.

What I loved about this interview is firstly how easy it was to talk with Avalon and it felt like we were old friends. Some of the highlights for me were:

  • I loved that we looked at how birth can be done in a very different way to how it generally is and how it is usually portrayed.
  • How pregnancy and birth can encompass the mind, body, spirit connection to allow for this amazing experience to transcend all other experiences.
  • How a woman can tap into their sexuality and bring that into the birthing experience
  • Having a better understanding of what happens in the body through pregnancy and birth on all levels.
  • Having open conversations pre-pregnancy at how intimacy and sex can potentially look throughout the pregnancy and early baby days.

So if that’s intrigued you then, here’s the link again:–episode-2

“Birth is the ultimate sexual opening and a gateway into deeper levels of sensual embodiment and intuition. Everything you need is already within you. By learning how to be fully present to what is arising, and feel uncomfortable feelings without denying or distracting them, you have the capacity to heal and evolve into your highest potential. Birth is an opportunity for a total nervous system upgrade and deepening into more of your love and sexuality as a woman,” says Avalon.
After escaping an abusive relationship and becoming a single mother, Avalon studied Holistic Psychology, Counselling, Rebirthing and Shamanic Midwifery to heal herself and support other women to reclaim their feminine power.

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