Part 4 of 7:


A PERFORMANCE:  In the main room a man started preparing the suspension unit. His submissive was kneeling on the floor with her head down and he slid a black hood over her face. She was stood up and the rope started to be tied around her body and before you knew it, she was hanging upside down and the man whispered to her every now and then and did a few token gropes with her, however as an observer it just didn’t feel sexual to me at all. Well none of what I saw that night did for that matter. It was fascinating to watch and she didn’t appear to be in any pain. I had seen Shibari rope tying and suspension previously in a show some time ago and it was fascinating to watch as a show with laser lights and music pumping, but this seemed kind of different, surreal almost, just in the middle of the room. It wasn’t Shibari, it was a different type of rope thing, but still being tied up and hung from the suspension unit.


Later on, I ended up having a deep conversation with them and heard their story and I asked her lots of questions. Like did the ropes hurt and was it an orgiastic experience for her? She told me it didn’t hurt and that it wasn’t really sexual for her….They were actually really quite nice and he actually had a lovely soft and gentle energy, which was I guess surprising. I found out later that they play more seriously at other venues where they actually use hooks into the back……doesn’t bare thinking about.  He offered to tie me up and suspend me if I liked and I was a bit shocked and more or less muttered a ” thank you and an I don’t think so in one breath!”


And so the evening went on with lots going on and I felt at ease, believe it or not however quite challenged with what was happening and what was being done and so when I felt like that, I just took a breath and went outside to the fire. Like I did after walking in on one of the submissives with his dominatrix and a few people laughing. Then I saw what they were laughing at, his penis was being pegged! Yes I twinged and I’m not a bloke….and yes, I went straight back out to the fire, just shuddering at the thought.


REALLY?  I of course went into the “How can anyone possibly enjoy that?” to “why would people want to do some of these weird and tortuous things to themselves” and then I stopped that. I mean who am I to judge how some people live their lives. It’s their thing, it’s certainly not mine and at the end of the day they were pleasant to chat with. There was no drugs, there was respect and care all around as far as I could see and and no-one was getting outrageously drunk. I wasn’t there to physco analyze, I was there out of curiosity, to observe, experience & ask lots of questions. Not for one minute did I ever think that this would be something I’d be getting into ever, I was just being as open as I possibly could be, under the circumstances and at that point, I didn’t realise what I was about to walk into……continuing part 5 of 7

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