Since When Does Bad Behaviour Get Rewarded? When you’re a reality tv program called Married at First Sight…that’s when.

All Lies

I get that the majority is staged, I also know some real people who were on the show that were manipulated and basically not treated well.

It’s not ok to cheat

However, as a Relationship Coach, I seriously question the integrity of the 3 “so called” experts who allowed Jessika and Brad to remain in the experiment. This is sending a very clear message to everyone…that’s it’s ok to cheat, if you really think the other person is special.


It’s also a very clear message from the producers and from channel 9 that cheating is ok and anything for ratings will do, no matter what. They should have been asked to leave the program and wished all the best in the outside world.

There’s Always Risks In Love

Isn’t that where we all take risks in the dating world, where we all put our hearts on the line, keep our walls up, drop our barriers…It’s called life and it’s called getting to know someone.

Why should they be given a chance inside the experiment. It makes a mockery of relationships. And yes, in the real world people cheat and get cheated on all the time, yet I doubt anyone gets rewarded for their bad behaviour towards their partners. If they cheat and wish to be together then off they go. They either make it or they don’t so why should it be any different on this show.

Cheating is never the answer…

When cheating happens there is always a reason as to why it happens. It can come from not feeling your needs are being met in some way. In most cases, I have found that it comes down to any of the following: lack of intimacy, communication, connection – both physical and emotional as well as not allowing the walls to come down and show vulnerability.

That does not make it right though

The problems started due to lack of communication. In this instance if they’d been honest to their respective partners they could have saved a lot of heart ache. The problem is people are scared to speak their truth or prefer to ignore what’s in front of them and bury it and just carry on taking no responsibility for their actions.

It’s an absolute disgrace that they can come to the conclusion to keep them there.