Somatic Sexological Body Work ™

A certified Sexological Body Worker™ teaches individuals and couples to deepen and expand their erotic education.  As a sex educator, this is done through teaching people to embody their own erotic and sexual development through primarily practicing and having a body based learning experience through mindful, self directed practice over time.  This is instead of a learning based from information provided and having a mind based learning.  Over time as new patterns and sensations are created in the body awareness, it creates new neurological pathways which integrate the mind and the body.

The word Somatic come from the Greek sōmatikos concerning the body, from sōma the body.  It relates to the cells of the body with the exception of the reproductive cells (gametes) and are known as somatic cells.  So by working with the body, in a living way, bringing awareness into the body, creates a body learning, which can bring about change on a cellular level.

Sexological Body Work is a combination of modalities such as Tantra, Taoism, yoga & meditation. Working with a Sexological Body Worker™ can assist you to work through any sexual or intimate challenges or concerns you may be experiencing.  By developing new skills in how to relate and connect to your own body, it creates new ways for you to open and deepen your own erotic sexual experience.  The experiential learning opportunities through Sexological Body Work™ gives you new awareness and creates new choices that change the automatic nervous system.

Sexological Body Workers™ are trained to touch the body and genitals (with gloves) for the purpose of discovering any pain or numbness.  They are also trained to do Taoist body work, orgasmic erotic and masturbation coaching as well as scar remediation work.

As a member of the Association of Certified Sexological Body Workers we adhere to their Code Of Ethics.  This is a fast growing modality which doctors and psychologists are recognizing and are now referring their patients to as they have limited training in the area of sex and sexuality.


The Top 15 Reasons Why You May Visit a Somatic Sexological Body Worker™

  •  learn how to ignite your libido 
  • orgasm & masturbation coaching
  • breath to open your sexual experience
  • overcome shame & guilt around sex
  • sexual trauma & abuse
  • learn how to create safe boundaries & agreements
  • couples wanting to enhance their sex life
  • pelvic pain release & other associated problems
  • scar tissue remediation & releasing internal vaginal pain; to reduce internal adhesions & change the look of the scar: for women who’ve experienced child birth trauma, episiotomies, perennial tears, UTI’s, hysterectomies, ectopic pregnancies, endometriosis, as well any scar which causes pain and/or numbness
  • recovering sexual pleasure after childbirth
  • regain sensation if you experience pain or numbness in the genitals
  • sexual health for women; genital numbness, pain during sex, hormonal dryness, lack of orgasm or arousal
  • sexual health for men; premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction, problems from prostate treatment and prostate massage, Peyronnies disease, foreskin & circumcision
  • erotic massage – learning to actively receive
  • learn more about sexual anatomy and the science of arousal for either gender

As a Certified Sexological Body Worker™ we work with individuals and couples of any gender or sexual orientation, including Trans Gender or people in transition.