Pauline is an entertaining and passionate speaker who links sexuality to business in a fun way.  She is also very down to earth and loves to inspire women to claim their sexuality in a positive way.

All women in business need to create balance in their lives, so that their business is successful.  Pauline imparts great knowledge and shares just how your personal life and business life actually go hand in hand.

Topics Include:

  • Sex Equals Money
  • NLP: Let’s Talk about Sex
  • Sexual Awakening
  • How to Arouse Your Bottom Line
  • Where’s the GSpot in Your Business
  • How to Increase Your Sexual Energy
  • Let’s Talk About Sex
  • Intimacy & Connection in Relationships and Business
  • Intimacy, Sexuality & Everything inbetween

Mind Body Spirit Melbourne 2023

June 9th to 12th

Mind Body Spirit Sydney 2023

International Convention & Exhibition Centre (ICC)

May 18th to 21st
10 AM – 7 PM (6 PM Close on Sunday)

Conscious Life Festival 2023

Venue 114, Kawana

March 5th & 6th

12:15 PM Sunday March 6th

Mind Body Spirit Brisbane 2023

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

February 24th to 26th
9 AM – 6 PM (5PM Close on Sunday)

10 AM Friday February 24th &
2 PM Saturday 25th

Mind Body Spirit Sydney 2022

International Convention & Exhibition Centre (ICC)
October 13th to 16th

3 PM Friday October 14th &
3 PM Sunday October 16th

Mind Body Spirit Festival 2022

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

2 PM Friday September 9th,
2 PM Saturday September 10th &
3 PM Sunday September 11th

Conscious Life Expo
Holistic Wellness Festival

Speaking, Sunday May 16th at 1.30 PM

Sexual Awakening
Woodford Folk Festival