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Tantra came originally from India and Tibet and is a philosophy and science of life.  It is one of the few philosophies that includes sacred sexuality.

Tantra is a Sanskrit word from Hindu which comes from the word Tan and translates as expanding and extending, spreading and weaving.  This is why practicing Tantra can raise the level of consciousness and weaves together the mind, body and spirituality with sex.

Tantra recognizes that sex is sacred and in ancient Hindu mythology, Tantra was seen as the divine union and interplay of the feminine energy, Shakti and the masculine energy, Shiva.

Tantra has many levels and layers of depth that you can slowly build on.  It’s a way to connect more deeply with yourself through a variety of breathing techniques and specific exercises to then coming together with your partner, if you are in a relationship to connect you together in a more intimate and deeper way.  As you come together, there are more ways to breathe together to expand yourselves and connect in a deeper and more spiritual way.

It opens you to experience more sexually and brings you new ways of communicating together through conversations and touch.  The practices are very simple, yet incredibly powerful and at the heart of Tantra, it’s brings about new ways of relating.

Sex is usually outcome driven, with Tantra it’s about the journey, slowing down and enjoying and savouring all the sensations, feelings and emotions that occur when having great sex.  Tantra also teaches you to become present within yourself and with your partner as well as honouring and acknowledging each other.


  • curious about what Tantra can offer
  • problems in the relationship
  • not enough sex in your relationship
  • libido challenges 
  • education around sex and intimacy
  • wanting to re-spark the relationship
  • love each other but don’t seem to have sex or intimacy any more
  • want to explore more with each other
  • problems with orgasm 
  • sexual dysfunction and premature ejaculation
  • want to learn ejaculation choice
  • desire to become multi-orgasmic (for men & women)
  • sexual trauma 
  • woundings from previous relationships

If you answered YES to any of these and are serious about wanting to make changes, then please complete the details below and I will contact you within 24-48 hours to discuss how I can assist you or alternatively, give me a call  on 0411 701 594 and we can book a time to have a free 15 minute chat.


Book your  free 15 minute chat

    What does a session look like?

    After the initial chat on the phone we will make an appointment for a session. A session can be done with an individual, whether in a relationship or not, or with a couple.  In the 1st session I will then ask a myriad of questions to get to the core issues, look at what your desired outcome is and come up with a strategy to help you get there.

    Depending on what the situation is, when working with a couple, I may recommend some individual sessions and some sessions together.  We will look at the pricing structure for ongoing sessions and look at what packages you can take to suit your budget.

    Please note in a session, you are not asked to have sex with each other.  All sexual connection will be set for you to do in the privacy of your home.  The only time you would be naked in a session would be if I was teaching erotic massage, or if I bring in some practices from the modality of Sexological Body Work, where it was required after discussion and agreement to do some specific body work.

    From there we will move into doing some exercises and activities that will connect you to yourself and connect you to each other.

    Working with Tantra is a heart opening experience which will bring you much joy and makes a positive difference for yourself and for your relating with your partner.

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