Due to the sensitivity of the work I do, not all clients are willing to do a video testimonial. I thank my clients who have been brave enough to do so. I have in other instances taken a copy from some emails that I have received and comments after sessions from clients, with their permission.


I just received this text from a 23 year old young woman I did some work with earlier this year. My eyes leaked a little bit, so happy for her. She had zero sex drive, never orgasmed and had a number of issues, from some sexual abuse to depression and all the associated feelings and things in between. She was so diligent with her activities and always thought she’d not done enough.

Hi Pauline, the last couple of months have been a bit hard. My relationship was a bit rocky, but it has improved a lot since then. My sexual intimacy with my partner has increased and is quite enjoyable (sometimes even doing it 3 times on the weekend). I’m really enjoying receiving oral from him so much that it usually makes me squirt a lot.

 Self pleasuring myself is still a work in progress. I did get back into the exercises you gave me, but I’m not as consistent with them as I was when I first started seeing you. I have a few weeks off between the Christmas New Year period, so I’m hoping to get back into it consistently during that time.

Thank you for all your support throughout the year! Wishing you a Merry Xmas and a happy New Year.


Thank you for the 1st session. I really feel like I’m on the right track now…things are already starting to shift. It’s a bit scary to think of where this new path will go…but also very exciting. Can’t wait to leave the big black hole from the last 7 years behind me and finally live life happily as the man that’s 100% true. Slowly I can see the light now.

~ Heterosexual man, mid 50’s who is riddled with guilt and shame as he’s carried the secret his whole life about enjoying dressing in women’s clothes.


I am 38 years of age and was having difficulty with my erections in the bedroom with my wife. I was also feeling low self esteem and not happy within myself. Feeling like that was taking a toll on my marriage. After contacting Pauline with my issues, Pauline made me feel at ease as she knew where I was coming from.

After having several sessions with Pauline, I felt a lot happier within myself, also changing my beliefs about myself and thoughts that I wouldn’t think would have an impact on me let alone my marriage. My marriage is in a better place now and only is going to get better in the bedroom as well after having the tools and knowledge put to use. I can’t thank Pauline enough for her help.


Just wanted to share that I was able to orgasm for the first time without contracting every muscle in my body and holy shit did that make a difference.

~ Female 30. Challenges with orgasming and can usually only get there on her belly, taking forever and contracting her whole body, which leaves her exhausted. This after only 3 sessions.


This is all really great and I’m loving the body scans!
I think I’ve really taken to this new way of seeing sexuality because I had a go at self pleasuring with some coconut oil and I managed a little orgasm…! Feeling incredibly accomplished and looking forward to getting way more connected and in tune with my body’s capacity for pleasure!!!! Thanks for a great session.

~ 27 year old woman who had never self pleasured and was wanting to learn how to connect to herself and awaken to her full sexual potential.


When my husband and I came to see Pauline, I was completely shut down and initally refused to allow her to break down the walls. I was so scared of what would be on the other side if it didn’t work. It took a lot but we got there in the end and I could see the changes in ‘J’ and we were able to start re-connecting and eventually become intimate again. It had been a long 10 years and I am glad that we took a gamble with Pauline because we were really out of options at that point.

~ J. 35 years old wife.


I am really grateful to Pauline for the wonderful techniques and insights she has provided me with throughout my journey with her. I initially came to Pauline seeking ways to reignite passion in my life and marriage. I had no idea that what I would actually ignite was a new sense of self love, deeper intimacy with my Husband and open myself to new experiences physically, mentally and emotionally. I am particularly grateful for the self discovery opportunities that Pauline and her approach provided me with. Working with Pauline is truly a worthwhile personal investment which will leave you with a revived outlook on love, life and especially intimacy.

~ Hayley- Brisbane, Queensland


I cannot thank Pauline enough. She saved my relationship in many ways. For 10 years my wife and I had practically no sex as I developed a condition called Peyronnies disease. There are no real solutions from Urologists for this other than surgery on my penis to remove the bend that had appeared. I had 2 surgeries with a 3rd scheduled when I came across Pauline. I was in constant pain, with nerve damage to the penis and completely disconnected physically and emotionally. She worked on the adhesions that caused the bend, breaking them down using castor oil and taught me how to work with it which I did every day for over a month with huge improvements. With coaching, I was able to connect to myself, my partner and my penis and was able to get it fully functioning again. So grateful.

~ JB, aged 45, husband.


Thank you for everything we are just so happy we found you. As you know we had tried everything we could think of. We went to doctors, nasal spray clinics and were on the way to the psychologist, we had tablets and vitamins but nothing worked. We were at a loss, our relationship was like an old married couple and we had only been together for 4 years.

From the moment we met you we knew seeing you would be an awesome decision. Who would have known though that my husband would be the fastest learner in the world. After only the first session of seeing you, he had me crying with orgasms and I couldn’t help but be astonished at how magnificent he had become with your help Pauline. After the second session well………..I couldn’t believe how my husband went from a man who was lost within himself who now certainly knew who he is was in a major way WOW.

Thank you Pauline for sharing with us on how to become closer together and become more intimate even just in everyday life and not just in the bedroom. You have helped to change our lives together and first and foremost, my husband’s confidence in himself. I am constantly telling him how proud I am of him and can not keep my hand, lips and love off him. The confidence has not only occurred in the bedroom but with everything he does.

We will continue our journey by reading your e books from your website and it is great to know if ever we need you in the future we can come and see you.


I recently had the privilege of seeing Pauline in action at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brisbane. The trust she invoked, the compassion and understanding she demonstrated as she spoke with many at her stand who had a variety of intimacy, libido and pain issues, who’s lives she could profoundly change. I have known and worked with Pauline for a long time, but I was deeply touched by her heart for this work at this event.

~ Krishna E


Thanks for a really worthwhile consultation today. By the time I arrived home I had come to the conclusion that I am worthy of this chance to awaken that part of me that lies dormant. I’m really looking forward to working with you”.

~ 60 year old woman with no sex drive and who has never really had one.


I’m really glad our paths crossed at Woodford Folk Festival. The changes in me are massive. The work we have done, has helped me to reclaim a healthy relationship with self. I’m having really cool conversations with other women about vulnerability, being naked, self pleasuring and sex in general. I have found my sexual self too through the exercises you’ve given me and am now having ORGASMS!! Yes I’m just a little bit excited about that and now my whole body is feeling amazing all the time from head to toe and I’m dancing & have picked up my instruments again. Thank you, thank you, thank you, NLP totally rocks, I think I want to go and study it!

~ Laura, aged 33, single mum to 2 babies; wanted to reclaim her femininity & was violently sexually assaulted in 2010.


Pauline dear one, My partner Stephen is finding it to be a transformational experience – uplifting and strengthening his sense of manhood. His love-making has been stronger and more confident. Physically it has made his cock bigger and fuller – the bend has lessened! He has been totally compliant and although sometimes forgetting for most of the day will take the time to do it before bed. Great success darling on all levels of being. I will keep you posted.

~ Peyronnies, Love A


For me your point of difference is your approach. It’s earthy, patient and empowering. You are so open about issues with sex, it’s just like someone who is passionate about cooking.

You are confident about the issues that we can have and you put me at ease immediately, even though I wouldn’t be able to talk about glitches in our bedroom with anyone else in the world.  I looked around too.

You are totally relaxed, which puts us at ease. You are so insistent that everyone can have a great sex life and have an approach to sex that is infectious, even for an old ‘Prude’ like me.

You make it OK to explore safely and to understand your own limits, you make it OK for things to be up and down at times, but to not allow perceived problems to filter out into other areas of our lives. Your passionate about sex but can deliver the information that we need with a warm hug, it’s about intimacy, not just swinging from the lampshades.

You were never glib in your responses, never made me feel as if our small problem wasn’t important.


I had a profound experience doing an NLP session with Pauline before I moved to Bali.  I was struggling and couldn’t work out what it was all about, (my mind was certain and my intuition strong, yet this strangeness was evident) through a very gentle process we found my issue……Overwhelm.

Which we then easily shifted; I know that this time I spent with Pauline was a huge contributing factor to the ease and grace in which made my epic move to live on this stunning island.

I am eternally grateful for the very necessary shift that Pauline facilitated. Thankyou darling sister. You are indeed an earth angel I know.

~ Muck love, Nik Starr


Just been realizing some new awareness around my sexuality stuff and wanted to share while fresh. Last week’s session has had the effect, like lifting a layer or a curtain, of seeing something else. I haven’t masturbated in my life, as you know, and never felt the desire to do so. Although I did try when I was young, but nothing happened. It was like that part of me was dead when trying to self pleasure, but very much alive when I’ve been with a woman….Irony or paradox, I don’t know. There are a lot of years of layers to clear. It feels great to have been guided to some huge realizations..thank you Ancestors. Thank you Pauline for being part of my healing journey.

~ Male late 50’s – lost touch with sexuality.


I worked with Pauline for 5 sessions over a period of approx 12 weeks.  She was able to lead me through the various practices in a clear and methodical way, tailoring our work together to meet my specific needs.

The most salient outcome of the training for me was the gaining of a greater perspective as to how to work with sexual energy.

I had spent a considerable amount of time going around in circles trying to work out how to deal with my sexual energy in a more positive way.  I found through working with Pauline a more positive and broader perspective on how to work with my sexuality. I can now see great potential in how to work with this energy and a corresponding reduction in stress and anxiety over the issue.

I can highly recommend Pauline to anyone wishing to work in this important area of sexuality.

~ Jim – Aged 58


Just had to touch base and let you know that you are brilliant! I cannot express the impact of your assistance, guidance and space you provide for a person to understand who they are and what it creates for them.

I am in awe of my partner’s realisations, his honesty, courage and vunerability.

I am a big one on transformation of humanity and you provide just this….transformation. Humanity is not able to transform without one transforming one’s self and continues to do so. So keep on working your magic as you are making a massive difference in this world.

Thank you with all that I am, for sharing your gift with us. It is not only life changing but life saving.

I cannot thank you enough, gratitude and blessings to you Pauline.

~ Karen E early 40’s


Before I had NLP coaching sessions with Pauline, I was having recurring nightmares over a period of time, which revolved around my children.  I didn`t get them all the time however they disturbed my sleep enough and so I decided to ask Pauline if she would be able to help.  It`s been over 4 months now and I am more relaxed with the children and even happier in general and most importantly without nightmares thanks to Pauline’s beautiful work. Pauline`s guidance and encouragement to apply some simple hypnotic strategies on myself did the trick in the end.

~ Caroline , Sunshine Coast


A very big thank you for what you have done for Carol & I. We are currently camping at Hervey Bay & it has been like a second honeymoon. You not only fixed the physical conditions, but also the mental/emotional side as well. We have not had to use lubrication as she has been getting wet enough naturally. This has been like stepping back in time. Who would have thought that sex would be still so good in mature age!

~ John 60, husband of Carol 66 in the video.


I feel so free, it’s amazing, like a huge weight has been lifted” after sexual healing.

~ Woman, early 40’s sexually abused as a young child.


With Pauline’s vast knowledge and compassionate, tailored approach, I overcame once seemingly impossible obstacles. Along with dramatic differences in quality of life I have gained some invaluable skills in many areas. Thank you so much Pauline.

~ Male 21 – sexual abuse, no libido.


I do have some positive things to report from last weekend. XXXX and I ended up having a fantastic weekend and I was relaxed enough in her company to let go and actually have fun in the bedroom. Ended up having awesome sex and lasting a respectable amount of time, actually focusing on her rather than getting it up or not lasting long enough. I know we still have a way to go but just wanted to say thankyou, I can see the changes in such a short time already!

~ Male, late 20’s – premature ejaculation & intimacy challenges.


I’m glad to say all is well in our world, that small glitch could have turned into frustration compounded on many other levels.

~ M – Married Woman late 40’s 4 kids, husband works away.


Hi Pauline! Hey that belief change worked big time last night. Had to get out of bed and write out all my plans til 2.30am. I’m clear on what I’m doing now so thanks heaps for that.  Blows me away how this stuff works.

~ Damian Murdoch


Thank you for a fabulous treatment & expression of what you do as a healer. Vibrational energies were exquisite. There was one point where I felt I had dried mud over my entire body & felt it cracking as you removed the pain tapes from my body.

~ Man late 50’s experiencing the Body Imprint Removal process.


Thank you for the exercises and your help so far. The heart meditations have really made me feel connected and I’m incorporating them daily. I’d never done the hypnosis before and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Ive been ending up in like a dreaming state and feeling quite energised afterwards.


Hi Pauline, on the day after we were online I felt so good both physically and in my mind that it dawned on me that apart from the breathing and other exercises you have given me, that maybe your positive vodoo is kicking in too! All good.

~ Steve, 67, No libido & erection difficulties, working via Skype.