The 30 Day Gratitude Project: DAY 12 – DAY BRIGHTER

Who is it in your life that you may not see very often but when you do the connection is so powerful that they instantly make you smile?

There are many layers to friendships and there are some that are so special that when you see them your whole essence lights up.  These are the people who brighten up your day, get you smiling and who you connect with on a deep level. 

 I am very blessed to have a few of these people in my life however I’m just going to talk about one and that is my very dear friend Peter Kroll.  For those of you who know him, you will know what I mean.  He simply has that effect on everyone.  Peter is very much the gentle giant literally, but it’s more than that.  He has a way with words that can take you on a journey as you listen to his poetry and his songs, they can simply take your breath away.  He has an enormous heart and a huge capacity to love, to see the goodness in people and he’s certainly not afraid to express himself in any way.  I am extremely grateful that he has been in my life now for over 5 years and I cherish our deep friendship.  He is always there for me, no matter what as I am for him.  We have laughed together, cried together, danced together and shared many a journey.  My love for this special man is huge and I am very blessed indeed.

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