When we injure ourselves through accidents or surgery, scars are created.

This is a good thing, otherwise we’d be running around with big gaping festering holes

Scars are made up of collagen fibres and when an injury occurs, fibroblasts produce collagen to repair the injury. When this happens it repairs the area randomly, a bit like a birds nest, instead of following the grain of the original tissue, so this new collagen is thicker than the original collagen and can stick surfaces together internally.

Internal scars or adhesions are a little bit like octopus tendrils, where they travel from the original injury through many layers of tissue throughout the body.

You’re probably thinking, yeah, so what!



You may feel your scar isn’t effecting you but maybe your scar is, but you would never, ever imagine what is going on in your body, could be coming from that scar or from the internal adhesions.

As a trained Somatic Sexological Body Worker we have been taught how to massage both internally and externally with women and men to work with these adhesions. We work externally with the scar, by applying organic castor oil packs and then massaging and palpating the area to give movement to the scar with organic castor oil and an organic solvent combination. By doing this we are causing the internal adhesions to release. We work internally to release the adhesions as well if required.

Scars can sometimes be very painful to touch, even years later



By massaging the scars using 4 different techniques, we can release pain within the scar and release referred pain in other parts of the body, which can occur from releases in the actual scar. It’s a little bit like trigger point work that a general massage therapist would apply.

Here’s a list of just a few areas that can be effected by internal adhesions, but not limited to these only:

Any surgery to do with childbirth, episiotomies, natural tears, C-sections, hysterectomies, ectopic pregnancy removal, abortion, prostatectomy, bladder infections, endometriosis, organs, ligaments, tendons, fascia, muscles, any abdominal surgery, injuries to the coccyx, breast implants, head injuries, circumcision, peyronies disease & bowel surgery etc.

Are you experiencing painful sex? – There could be numbness or inflammation internally



Many women are unaware of lack of feelings or sensations experienced internally in the vaginal passage. This can come from childbirth, uncomfortable of painful sex, hard thrusting etc. By mapping internally with the organic castor oil we can determine any numbness and any pain sensations and slowly restore the vaginal walls to being able to feel sensations and pleasure. This is also done using the organic castor oil and an organic solvent combination.

Do you have low libido? – There could be internal adhesions in the vaginal canal


This can happen for women due to childbirth, sexual abuse, painful sex, vaginitis, pelvic floor inflammation, menopause, endometriosis, hysterectomies etc.

Again, massaging the scar with organic castor oil and applying castor oil packs can make very big changes, quite quickly to how the scar looks and feels. By palpating the scar you can free up the internal adhesions as well as release any pain associated with the scar. Quite often scars can be sunk in and this is due to the adhesions attaching to the organs. Scars can also have a lot of lumps which is known as keloids and scar remediation can assist with this as well.

Your scar WILL NOT disappear but it’s going to look & feel dramatically different!


Massaging the scar can bring back sensation in the area. Here are some photos taken over a period of 2 weeks of an abdominal scar.

Scar - Week 1

Scar – Week 1

This person had 10 inches of their small intestine taken out, as well as their appendix and about 2 inches of their large intestine. Luckily they have no problem with their gut or bowel because after the surgery 34 years ago, they gave up eating rubbish and eat very clean food and exercise. However the scar is quite sore in places and they were not happy with the original appearance, but are now after a week, are very happy with the look and feel.

Scar week 2

Scar week 2

“Can’t believe the difference in the scar in such a short time, it feels lighter and other areas of my body where the adhesion trail ended, such as my bicep, is feeling better as well – DE.”

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