It would appear that Bali has become ‘the’ place to live and ‘the’ place to run workshops.  It seems that there are more and more people combining the luxuriousness of the tropics with different styles of programs and workshops.

All this has got me thinking about beautiful Bali…..You see it’s been 30 years since I first went there!  That’s a pretty long time ago and I can’t even begin to imagine how much has changed there now.  I visited Bali a few times back then but really haven’t been back since. Actually haven’t really wanted (either) to until now….


30 years ago, Bali was in fact my first destination on an ‘epic adventure’ that I started with a boyfriend.  From there we went up to Java, caught a ship to Singapore, travelled overland up through Malaysia & Thailand and then we got a flight to India.  Then went north to The Himalayas, then down south through India, Sri Lanka and broke up!  I still had a my plane ticket to Europe & decided if other girls could travel on their own, then so could I… so off I went to Europe, returning home through South East Asia.  That fabulous adventure lasted about 20 months.  I stayed back home for 12 months and took off again in the other direction to New Zealand, Tahiti, USA, Mexico, Europe and back though Asia!  And then I was done… done with travelling for a very long time.  It was about 5 years ago when I decided to take a holiday to Vanuatu with my daughter and then I got the travel bug back.   I certainly experienced some many wild adventures over those years & more recently sailing from New Zealand to Fiji.


Now I’m curious as to what Bali will be like now? It seems that practically every person I know has been there recently and they all say they love it!  I wonder how much the tourism and the people have changed in the past 20 years?  What used to be little beach side towns are probably epic resorts now?  So with that in mind I started talking to a friend of mine Jackee and then before I knew it we started planning a retreat there!… I thought this was quite amusing, because I’m now one of those people, running a retreat.

However what I do know is that ours will be very different for several reasons…  Including the fact; we will be doing some great tourist activities together, as a group!   The whole emphasis on this retreat is around mind, body & spirit.  Taking a good look at all these areas, educating you in our mini workshops about how you can ‘live your life to your fullest’ simply by looking after these key areas.  We will be doing some training; however we also are going to be eating a buffet breakfast, so that’s the trade off!  We are also looking at intimacy, connection and sex and how that fits in with today’s lifestyle. Discover how you can bring more of these things into your life and give you the balance that you are looking for.

I can’t wait….I’ve already started my shopping list in my head… if you are curious to know more, then pop over and look at some more information and details:

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