When you hear the word prostitute all sorts of images can pop into your mind which have been imprinted on your being from a very young age.  You were probably told, prostitutes are “bad” they have sex with strangers and take money for it.  It conjures up all sorts of images of women who are desperate in some way or other, that they have to support their drug habits or other vices and that these women prowl the streets looking for men to sell themselves to.

The reality is that prostitution is in fact the world’s oldest profession!  




What has gotten in the way of sex being experienced as every person’s right to enjoy has been trodden on by religious dogmas over the years, with a bit of political influence thrown in too.


I am sure that there are still some women who work as prostitutes coming from that scenario above.  However there are many women & men today who have stepped outside the box of social stigma & taboo, religious conditioning  and attitudes around sex and are teaching a new way of being with sex and spirit.



These people are sexual healers and teachers and they come in many shapes and forms and provide just as many and varied services.  Some will provide erotic massage & genital massage either scantily clad or dressed in casual clothes.  Others will teach tantric practices which include things like breathwork and how to connect your sexuality and spirit as one.  Others will have sex with their clients and work in areas such as BDSM and role play depending on the client and others will provide all of these services.


I know a lot of women & men who work in the sexual field in some way or another and they are  primarily providing a service.  They are a gift giving their clients a healing in some way and giving them love and nurturing.  They are teaching them things that we are generally not taught around sex and they are coming from the energy of giving from their hearts, providing a service with love, healing and nurturing.

Sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies on the planet and can be used as a catalyst for healing both sexually and spiritually.  So I thank those that do this work for having the courage to step out of the box and do this work, in whatever way works for them.



I am hosting the documentary called The Sacred Prostitute by Kenneth Ray Stubbs who is an extraordinary and gifted man who also spent many, many years studying the Sweet Medicine Sundance path.

The documentary also features Harley Swift Deer Reagan, a Twisted Hair Elder where the teachings of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path were formed.


If you are interested in expanding your outlook and views around sex and sexuality then this will be of interest for you.


Here is the link if you live on the Sunshine Coast and wish to attend this screening on 19th July at 7:30pm – Cost $15.00



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