Part 2 of 7

OUR ARRIVAL: So we get out of the car and the first thing my host does is attach chains to the loops on the collars around the girls necks and as he holds the chains and their hands we walk up an alley and in through the back gate.


We pay our money and our names are ticked off a list and I’m introduced as a visitor and the gate keeper welcomes me and says something to my host which kind of implied that he would be looking after me for the evening.  So, in we go……  a few introductions are made to a bunch of people who looked fairly “normal” and the women are dressed in similar clothing to what I’m in and the men are wearing lots of black as well and the tour of the venue is made.


THE GRAND TOUR: The first thing I notice is that practically the whole house is painted red and was very beautifully decorated as well as being kind of kitsch in its decor & of course themed with bondage style artworks.  The lounge room had a very large St Andrews cross in one corner where submissives are tied to and a suspension unit in the middle of the ceiling.  There was another room, called the blue room which was known as the recovery room, for anyone needing some space or nurturing after a session and was where you could leave your coats.  At that stage it was full of people hanging out, but I was assured if someone was needing space or nurturing it would be cleared very quickly.


Then there was another room called the dungeon, that had something called a “horse” which is where you bend over and get your butt hit with a selection of implements and then there was a rack which you could get stretched on……The next room was called “the play room” with a giant bed with plastic sheets and a large box, like a coffin almost…….don’t know what that was for, I suspect if you were misbehaving you were put there, anyway didn’t really need to know.  The rules were if the door was shut then there was something specific and private happening, otherwise it was a free for all to wander around and look.


CHATTING & PORN:  We then wandered back out and socialised some more and I’m feeling really uncomfortable, a little out of place and nervous as I absorb everything around me.  I started chatting with a few people and they were quite friendly and open with everything. On the wall in the main room where the cross and suspension unit are, is a DVD playing continual BDSM porn, which was very full on.  Whilst I’d look at it every now and then mainly because it was hard to ignore it, there was plenty of other stuff going on that I was attempting to ignore at the same time!  It was pretty full on what was being shown and I was fairly mortified with most of what was being shown, which certainly didn’t look like fun, or sexual for that matter.  It has been a very very long time since I’ve seen any form of porn and this was a very different type of porn, that’s for sure.  I’m not going to go into detail here what was on the DVD……….however I will tell you what I did see……..continued part 3 of 7

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