Vulvodynia affects the vulva as well as the labia, clitoris and vaginal opening.

There are two main subtypes of vulvodynia:

  • Generalized vulvodyniais pain which can be experienced in different areas of the vulva at different times. It can be constant pain or occur from time to time.  Touch or pressure may or may not flare it up which can make the pain worse
  • Vulva vestibulitis syndromeis pain in the vestibule. The vestibule are big bulbs of erectile tissue that are nestled beneath the labia lips and sit on either side of the entrance to the vagina.  Often a burning sensation is experienced after touch or pressure, in foreplay

Other factors can be:

  • nerve injury or irritation
  • abnormal response in vulva cells due to infection or trauma
  • inflammation
  • hypersensitivity to yeast infections
  • muscle spasms
  • allergies or irritation to chemicals
  • hormonal changes
  • frequent antibiotic use

Solutions to working with this are varied however one of main techniques is vaginal mapping, working with organic castor oil

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