What is intimacy


There is nothing more delicious, more divine than when you are with someone who you are completely connected with. You are both present with yourself and each other in the moment. It can be with a lover or a good friend. It can be a moment of just looking into each other’s eyes, it can the way they touch your back as you walk along together, or a look they give you or it can be when you are experiencing sexual ecstasy together.

Deep intimacy is when there is a total merging with each other, there is nothing that defines who and where you are and who and where they are. It is just an experience of oneness and it is bliss to go to this deep place with a partner. The more I experience this, the more my heart and soul desires this experience all the time. To experience this level of intimacy is like connecting to another world, another place and another time. Everything is suspended in the NOW, there is nothing to do or be, just experience the moment and then afterwards, feeling the memory of it in your entire being. You radiate and glow and the energy stays with you.


Everyone craves this deep connection, it’s part of being a human, yet for the majority of people they are choosing on an unconscious level to not create this in their lives. Why would that be? That doesn’t seem like a very good choice to me!


For the most part people are disconnected from themselves so when you are in that space, how can you connect deeply, intimately with someone else? How can you be intimate with someone else if you don’t know how to be intimate with yourself?


So how do you be intimate with yourself? Well first off loving yourself helps because at the end of the day if you don’t love you, then how can you expect someone else to. So be gentle on yourself with what you think and feel about you. Love all of you, your wrinkles and cellulite – at the end of the day be grateful for who you are and what you bring to the world.


Did you know as human beings we have the gift to experience sex for the sheer joy and fun of it – how lucky are we?



Learn ways to connect into yourself and find out what lights your being up and to feed and nurture all areas of yourself which includes your mind, body, spirit and your sexuality.


Look at ways that you can bring this balance into your life in all areas.
* What’s going on with your emotional being and mindset, is there areas for improvement?
* How healthy is your body? Are you loving it, nurturing it, eating good food?
* What are you doing spiritually? Are you taking time out to stop and smell the roses or are you just running around like a crazy person all the time?
* What are you doing sexually? Single or in a relationship – it doesn’t matter, you can still run your sexual energy and you can still experience orgasm.


When you can have balance in these areas of your life then you can truly start to dive deeper into intimacy!


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