Tantra Sex Intimacy Relationship Love

Tantra Sex Intimacy Relationship Love


We hear the term Tantra & it can mean different things to people and that’s because there are many layers and ways to use Tantra.  A lot of people think it’s some weird & wacky “sex thing” or something like the Kama Sutra which involves lots of strange & complicated positions.  For relationships it’s a way to deepen intimacy & the sexual experience.

So what is it and how and how can it can benefit you?


Very briefly, the word Tantra is Sanskrit from the sacred language of Hinduism. It comes from the word tan, which really translates to expanding and extending, spreading, weaving or manifesting. So like the world we live in, Tantra is the continual expansion of energy, spreading out like a cosmic wave which is made up of different energies.

So why would you want to tap into this energy and ride the wave?



Tantra is a way to connect more deeply to yourself through various practices of breath, specific exercises, connection to self & to your partner. It opens you to experience more sexually & become more intimate within your relationship. When you practice these techniques it will allow you to connect on a much deeper level which brings you together in a conscious way, being present with each other and allowing yourself to explore sexually together. It’s about creating harmony and balancing the energies of the masculine and the feminine within yourself and your partner.

Tantric practice will connect you with your partner on a much deeper and more intimate level. It brings you into presence with each other and will certainly reignite the spark in any relationship. It will bring a stronger awareness to everything you do when you engage sexually and allow you to slow down, explore each other with no fixed idea of what and how your love making will be or look like.

Sex is usually focused on the outcome


The man must have an erection and the woman must have x amount of orgasms. How long foreplay should be before you can have intercourse, lots of internal dialogue and how the foreplay should look with a demand sometimes of this is what I want so I can “get” sometimes consciously and sometimes not.

Tantra is a journey, bringing in an awareness to everything you do…how you touch, how you feel, how you breathe, how you smell and taste as well as how you engage or connect with your partner.

By using our breath in sexual practice it assists with allowing the “prana” or life force to flow through our body and this energy can take you to a higher spiritual place.





Tantra is where spiritual and sexual energies go hand in hand. It’s being in your truth around everything, your feelings and emotions which then effects how you communicate with your partner on all levels, not just sexually.

When you are consciously working with your sexual energy it’s very different to just having sex, it goes beyond that.

There are also many exercises that can help with flagging libido for both men & women. As well as exercises & breathing techniques to help with erectile challenges, becoming multi-orgasmic for men & women as well as teaching men to separate their ejaculation from orgasm, so they can last longer. All of these exercises will increase energy and stamina, because the sexual energy is being cultivated. Then there is Tantra massage which is a specific type of massage designed to awaken new pleasure pathways as well as prolonging the sexual experience.

So why wouldn’t you want to learn more about Tantra?


Tantra is like a pathway to another world that engages and connects you, physically, spiritually & emotionally firstly to yourself and then to your partner.