Day 6 – Where I Live

I love living on the Sunshine Coast!  I love the very lay back life style we enjoy here.  I love the weather, the beaches and the beautiful hinterland.  I have lived on the Sunshine Coast for 9 ½ years and it would take something very special to see me living anywhere else.  I love living near the beach, it keeps me sane and keeps me grounded.  I don’t get down to it nearly as much as I would like, yet I know it’s there and I love nothing more than going down for just a quick dip, a refresh and then I can get on with my day.  I’m loving living at Mudjimba which I only moved to last October and I’m discovering new things about the area all the time.  I have totally fallen in love with the North Shore where you can swim in flat water on the Maroochydore river! YAY (I am an ex-ex Melbourne girl), so grew up on flat water.  What I love about the North Shore is that there is this lovely little current and when you jump in for a swim you can float along for as long as you want and then just stand up and walk in the water against the current.  I’ve been having lots of fun playing down there.  I love the local beach, it has a really beautiful energy down there probably due to Mudjimba island directly across the water from it.  I believe there are a few meanings of the word Mudjimba however the most common meaning is Old Woman which is an Aboriginal meaning.  I’m also loving my local gym which has a great variety of classes but the best thing is they have infrared saunas!  I’m hooked and aim to have at least one a week.  I’m also really grateful for my wonderful community of friends that I have made since being here and for their support and love for me. 

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