A Journey of The Senses, starting with Taste

Emotions and sadness sitting below the surface, starting to leak out. Allowing it to unfold and just being with it.

Sparked by a mandarin and becoming fully present with it’s flavour and texture. Feeling it on my lips like a lover kissing me.

The sensation on my skin as I glide it across my face, the slight coolness and how that feels.

The feeling as I place a piece into my mouth slowly, allowing it to just rest there. The blandness as it sat on my tongue – repulsed me, I wanted to spit it out as it felt so dead in my mouth.

I slowly moved my tongue over it as I slowed my breath down, fully present with what was. Aware I wasn’t enjoying the mandarin piece sitting in my mouth to then slowly biting into it.

Sweet Sweet Delicious

The contrast as I allowed some of the sweet, sweet juice to slowly trickle out into my mouth and bathing in the flavours that sparked was sparked. Then nothing as all the juice was slowly stripped from the skin and just feeling into the sensation and taste of the dead bit of skin sitting inside my mouth.

My palette having to adjust again, to this different taste – a taste of nothing and so I was compelled to take it out of my mouth and put a fresh piece in.

And so the journey continued, all the time slowing my breath down, becoming more present, allowing the breath and tastes to move down into my body.

Awakening the sensuality

Connecting to the erotic energy, breathing, playing with the taste sensations, emotions bubbling to the surface, tears and then back to joy.

A roller coaster of sensations, tastes and feelings in my body. Dropping fully into myself, feeling my skin and connecting to it and connecting it to the mandarin’s taste and the cool feel of it again on my lips and on my face.

Fun with food

Playing with food has never been so much fun. Not sure I will ever look at a mandarin in quite the same way again.

Can you do this?

My invitation to you is two things

Cast your memory back to a time when you ate something and it was just simply heaven. It was so delicious that it took you and your body to a completely different place. A time when you ate something and the sheer joy of it as you ate it, as you soaked in the taste.

What is the most divine flavour in your mouth?

Then find something that you can play with…chocolate is usually a better choice than mandarin or mango…something lush…

Then close your eyes and smell it, really breathe in the smell of your chosen food. Then allow your system to slow down and we do that by activating lots of deep breaths. Allow yourself to drop into yourself, play with your food, play with the sensations and tastes in your mouth and see what happens.

Would love to hear how you go.